ITS Bielsko-Biala

Works on the implementation of the ITS Bielsko-Biała system has ended. Name of the project was: “Designing, delivery, implementation and commissioning for operation in the urban traffic of the city Bielsko-Biała the ITS System, as part of the investment project entitled “Development of Sustainable Urban Transport in Bielsko-Biała”.

Dvuring the implementation main contractor – Sprint S.A. modernized the infrastructure related to traffic lights at intersections and pedestrian crossings. At the main intersections and pedestrian crossings, masts, arms of signalers and signal heads were checked or changed, new inductive loops for detection of vehicles approaching the signaling system were checked or installed. The dynamic passenger information (DIP) has been extended – in total at 22 public transport stops.

As part of the task, our company was responsible for the design of this system in the field of Traffic and Electrical Engineering. The project included i.e. the priority for public transport. Intersections will operate under the control of the SCATS system.